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Multichannel platforms for digital marketing - big data / cloud

Application period 2016-2019
Research & Development Multilayer integration of all interactive components in production with the study of a platform that also includes Gaming (Unity and Html5) and entertainment centers.
Work in progress Some gaming modules have already been marketed in the cloud. Segmentation platform for one to one marketing connected to interactive platforms.
Final goal Create a modular platform that can be managed directly by the client with gaming and diverse applications (fidelity, competitions, entertainement center)
Marketing 2017

Augmented Reality Wide Area Platform -WIDEAR-

Application period 2017-2019
Research & Development Use AR to simulate large 3D models in industrial and architectural layouts.
Work in progress We can position in a very precise simulation a production line that will be realized within the location.
Finale Goal Give the user the ability to walk within the next production line at the exact location with a centimeter accuracy.
Marketing Start of 2018

Integrate business CRM with the social world

Application period 2017-2019
Research & Development Integrate the current ERP with a Social Crm platform
Work in Progress We are able to integrate Social Collaboration, Social Intranet - Extranet, to create a true Enterprise Social Network
Final Goal Introduce a real revolution in business communication, interacting, sharing and collaborating through social channels.
Marketing 2018